About Us

How you inspired the creation of Blooming Light Botanical Alchemy

Before I created Blooming Light Botanical Alchemy, I tried many different aromatherapy products in my massage practice with varying success.

Then one day I had a client arrive for their massage on the verge of tears due to debilitating neck pain. Knowing my massage was not going to give them the long lasting relief they sought, I vowed to create a natural product to help give relief to those suffering from physical and emotional pain. 

I was concerned that the cost of using pure, natural ingredients would price the products too high.

But then after several clients who had found relief with my arthritis pain relief blend kept asking to buy a jar for home use, I knew I had to keep going.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Finding pure, tested oils and connecting with the distillers was a big challenge as I didn’t want to use adulterated, unethically sourced ingredients. 

Ensuring the safety of the product formulations was another stressor as I knew essential oils could be dangerous and my mission was to offer healing. 

Because these obstacles put the safety of my clients and customers in jeopardy I embarked on another mission…getting educated. I researched aromatherapy certification programs and teachers until I found just the right teachers to ensure that my future customers would be protected.

After overcoming all these challenges the biggest was yet to come. After releasing my own line of pure essential oils I was meet with lots of questions, the main one being “How do I use them?”. 

This led to my biggest challenge yet…

I was educated on the safe use of essential oils but my customers were not. In fact they were feeling so overwhelmed by all information out there they didn’t know where to start. So after listening to these concerns I altered my directive to making aromatherapy easy.

Through it all we released our first blends and the response has been astounding and extremely rewarding.

The best part?

Hearing from people about how empowered they have become with their health and how their lives have changed.