What's Inside

What goes into our blends

Your safety and health are our number one concern. To ensure you are receiving the best quality possible all our ingredients and production practices are overseen by a certified professional aromatherapist. 

Because we care about You and the Earth…

– all oils are tested for purity before they enter our lab

– we only use essential oils distilled from wild harvested or organic plants

– we only buy from distillers who treat the Earth and plants with proper respect


Side Note . . .

Did you know there are no “grades” to essential oils like “therapeutic grade”, “clinical grade”, or “perfume” grade? They are all just marketing terms to try and sell you. There is no governing body monitoring the purity of essential oils.

Because we care about your health

– we follow strict sanitation guidelines in our lab both during and and after production

– all production tools, utensils, bottles, and jars are sanitized before and after use

– latex free gloves are worn at all times during the production process


Another side note . . .

did you know fragrance oils are different from essential oils? Fragrance oils are a synthetic creation that hold no therapeutic value, where essential oils are a high concentration of a plants’ essence or aromatic substance that have been distilled directly from the plant. Also, not all plants have essential oils.

Because we care about your safety

– we follow essential oil safety guidelines that have been proven through research

– we provide as much cautionary information as is available to us on each blend

– we are always available to answer any questions you may have on safe use of oils 

Because we know you’re busy

Our mission is to make aromatherapy easy for you. To make blends with therapeutic results and provide you with the safety information you need so you can be stress free. 


Last side note . . .

did you know that when we smell something we have two different responses? A Neuro-Chemical response which is the same for everyone and a Psychological response which is different for everyone. This is why one person can love a smell and another dislike it.